books on cdThinking about getting yourself an audio book? If you’re like me, you may have never thought about it previously, but it can often be a good thing to buy. In recent times, I have grown to be quite a fan of audio books for a number of reasons. They are not perfect, and I still like to read books the old fashioned way, but for lots of people who don’t possess a lifestyle that incorporates time for reading, audiobooks can be a life saver.

Who might want to use audio books? I think they are ideal for individuals in professions where they drive a great deal, or those who have extended commute times. Instead of blasting music, you can actually acquire some useful information by listening to an audiobook instead. Considering that these kinds of books can be found in just about every subject, you are bound to find a book that appeals to you.

As for myself, I typically prefer nonfiction instead of fiction when it comes to audio books. Honestly, since we live in an age of 3-d motion pictures, video games, and other kinds of intense entertainment, listening to somebody read a novel just isn’t enough for me if my goal is entertainment. However, you may not agree with this, by all means give audio novels a try.

One thing you should buy if you want to listen to a lot of books is a decent Mp3 music player or cellphone. For people who are on the run, it is likely that this is how you’ll be playing your audio books on most occasions. Regarding headsets, anything of average quality or better will suffice, considering that audio quality is not too important for this kind of listening.

A service such as Audible is obviously a very good option for individuals who purchase a great number of audiobooks. This way, you can receive good discounts on your audio book purchases, and a membership also allows you to download one free book a month. I personally only finish about One audio book per month anyhow, so this arrangement is ideal for me.

The one problem I have with audio books is the somewhat thin selection. This typically is not a problem since most popular books will have an audio version. However, if you are hoping to listen to a somewhat obscure title , you likely will not be successful. Despite the shortfalls, I am happy I discovered audio books and recommend them to everybody. Go to this site to get the latest audible free trial.